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o_O [26 Sep 2002|11:52pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I am so flustered right now. Well, not as flustered as I am surprised. Actually, I guess you can say it's sort of even really. Usually the two fit hand in hand, right?

I am both surprised and flustered.

Okay, now that I've finally figured out my feelings about the situation, let me explain the situation to you. I went out to lunch today, wearing my usual disguise so people don't jump me because I'm the "famous Nakano Hiroshi from Bad Luck". My disguise consist of sunglasses and a sweatshirt with the hood pulled over my head. Aren't I creative?

Anyway, I didn't really feel like eating out, but I felt like going out to just, you know, drive around. I hadn't been around much of Kobe and I mean, hey, I had no idea when I'd be back in that city, so I thought it'd just be nice to go site seeing and stuff. So because I wanted something quick to eat I ended up at the McDonalds drive thru. I ordered the usual, chicken mcnuggets, a Big Mac meal, and a Oreo Mcflurry.

Now, everybody knows that McDonalds is known for their quick service. You're bound to have a longer wait at a stop light than at a McDonalds drive thru. So you can understand if I was a little peeved when it took them a good five minutes to hand my food out to me. Because I was frustrated and hungry I didn't act very rationally and decided to take out my anger on the lady who was handing my order out to me. I told her that the only reason McDonalds served a billion people is because of me and that if they wanted to reach a jillion they'd better not lose me as a customer.

Now get this, when I finished raving and I finally had my food in my hands the lady tilted her head to one side, smiled and said “thank you for taking care of my Hiroshi-chan” and closes the window in my face. I was expecting more of a “thank you and have a nice day, jerk”, so what she said kind of caught me off guard But at the time I just brushed the comment off as nothing more then a rambling from an obviously crazy lady. It wasn’t until my stomach was full and I was back in my hotel room that I actually gave more thought to her comment.

I would like to say that the lady is just some fan trying to get to me, but I have these doubts. First of all, my relationship with Hiroshi-chan hasn’t really been publicized. Those who have seen us together are residents of Tokyo, not Kobe. Lastly, I have never once meant, nor have I seen Hiroshi-chan’s mother. He always has some wild excuse has to why she’s never at home.

I don’t know why this is messing with me so much. It’s probably just nothing at all. I shouldn’t let it bother me.

All I know is that I have this huge craving for a McDonalds Big Mac and…I think I’ll be dining in this time.

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Take caution, deep thoughts ahead... [21 Sep 2002|09:13pm]
[ mood | confused ]

He’s happy. He’s been happy. And being with him, this last week, I’ve come to realize that just as long as he’s content, just as long as somebody or something is able to keep that smile on his face, I have nothing to worry about.

So, yeah, I’ve come to realize a lot of things over the expansion of a week, things that have been staring me straight in the face but I refused to acknowledge their presence. Like, for example, how I started this band with Shuichi to make him happy and stayed in the band to keep him happy, but all the while I never questioned my own happiness.

No, being a part of Bad Luck doesn’t make me horribly depressed, this is something that I actually enjoy doing. It’s just that I feel like I’m doing it for all the wrong reasons. I think that if you’re going to be a part of something you need to give your all plus more, 110% all the time, nothing less. I just don’t think I’m putting my heart in it.

Like our performance, Shuichi and Fuji were really into it and afterwards they were talking about how they couldn’t wait ‘till the next time we get up on stage. They asked me how I felt and all I could do was answer them with a shrug and hurriedly change the subject to how much better we are than Nittle Grasper. The reason being for that is I am actually in no hurry to get up in front of anybody again. Doing that doesn’t get my adrenaline rising like it does theirs.

I shouldn’t be feeling this way and I wish that I didn’t, because it’s just going to make it harder on everybody else. I wish I could talk to somebody about this, just so I can clear my head and put everything back into perspective. I can’t tell Shuichi because he’ll get all emotional and think I’m trying to quit again and make this problem bigger then what it really is.

Do I want to quit though? I mean, would that be best for Bad Luck?

I don’t know…

But is it okay for me to go on pretending that I’m enjoying this as much as they are?

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In the name of the moon... [10 Sep 2002|08:30pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

So the tour is going to start in a few days. And to be honest, despite all the things that are going on in my life right now that have been getting me down, I'm really excited about this. Anyway, Shuichi's costume design hasn't been released yet so I just thought I'd show everybody one that he really really had his heart set on wearing.

Shuichi has always had this big thing for Sailor Moon. And I guess, in a way, dressing up as her was his little dedication to the sailor soldier. But I refused to go along with him and dress up as Sailor Mars on stage! There is no way you'd get this hot bod in one of them flimsy little girly outfits! I can't play my guitar in a mini skirt! Fuji felt just as strongly about the subject as me. That is why, my friends, you are not going to see Bad Luck in sailor fuku's on the tour. Half naked? Most definitly. Mini skirts? No!

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[05 Sep 2002|11:00am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I haven’t been in the best of moods lately. Not since Yuuzi came to visit the other day. I really wanted to see him and I was glad that he did come, but he wouldn’t open himself up to me. I always completely expose my feelings to him, I tell him everything, but for some reason he felt that he couldn’t talk to me. It hurts to know that the one person you trust the most in the world doesn’t feel the same about you. I don’t think Yuuzi has any idea how much his actions affected me.

What’s even worse is that I went to Mr. K’s last night because we made this agreement about those horrible wings I have to wear (thanks a lot Maiko-chan). I mean, it was good that I did go because I ended up getting the wings, in return though, I gave him an envelope full of nude pictures of my hot body. He complained about wanting to see me naked in private, but I told him that that was never specified and that he was lucky that he was even getting those pictures. On my way out I caught a glimpse of Yuuzi’s jacket folded neatly at the edge of the couch with those sunglasses of his lying on top.

“What was Yuuzi doing here?” I asked Mr. K. He laughed and said that Yuuzi wasn’t there and then he proceeded in questioning me as to why I thought he had been. I pointed to the jacket and sunglasses and Mr. K slapped his hand against his forehead. He was all like, “Oh, Yuuzi, I thought you said Yuki!” He then explained that Yuuzi had come to him the other day because he had been feeling really down and he offered to listen to his problems.

Yuuzi talking to Mr. K about his personal life? For some reason I find that hard to believe. Why would he go to Mr. K with his problems instead of me?! It doesn’t make any sense at all. What I do know is that something is going on and nobody wants to enlighten me on what that something is.

Hmph, well that’s fine if Mr. K wants to lie to me. I just hope that he enjoyed those naked baby pictures of myself. I was hot even at the age of 4 months.

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Somebody please give me a back massage... [03 Sep 2002|11:32pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Okay, everybody knows by now that Badluck is touring. So we've all been pretty busy with costume fittings and practices and such, ya know, all those fun things bands have to do before setting off on a 3 month tour. Gosh...three months. I'm not one for traveling and I get home sick easily, but I think this will be fun.

Hopefully it will be more fun then the crazy stuff that has been going on around here. Shuichi's been all hyper about the tour and he loves these costume fittings we have to go to every other day. I'm just glad that mine is over and done with. I hope I never have to go through that again. I'd much rather just where some jeans and a t-shirt or something. It's comfortable.


Is not comfortable. And I have no idea how it was even possible for me to smile in that picture, because I was in so much pain because of those stupid wings! I've tried to destroy those wings twice, but Himeko, the designer of that evil costume hid them after my second attempt. I know one of the NG employees know where she hid them, and I will pay anybody thousands of dollars if they get rid of them permanently for me!

Where is Yuuzi?! I haven't seen him since the day I moved out! I went down to my parents house and he wasn't there. Mom said something about him not being at home for the past two nights or something. My guess is that he's become a late night stripper at a bar. But then again, he would've told me about that! He would invite me to see him dance and even offer to do a lap dance for me!

I don't know what's going on with Yuuzi, but he can at least call me.

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Grrrrr... [23 Aug 2002|08:31am]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

Stupid obnoxious Hiroshi-chan! I can’t leave him alone for a minute! Please excuse the previous entry, somebody thought that it would be hysterical if they left a little message for their crush in my journal! And here I thought the brat and I were actually getting closer.

Hiroshi-chan was over at my apartment yesterday and I had told him about how Maiko-chan had come over to give me a batch of her special Valentines day chocolate chip cookies and he grew strangely quiet. Not too long after that there was a knock at the door, being that it was Kami I kindly excused myself and left to talk privately in the hall. But before I left I explained to Hiroshi-chan what he could and could not touch, the computer being one of those things. When I returned he was sitting where I had left him. He then jumped from his seat and started whining about how he wanted me to take him to the zoo. This was a change from him always wanting me to take him home, so I grabbed my jacket and we headed out.

We spent the whole afternoon there and afterwards I took him to see a movie. By the time I got home I was drop dead tired so I immediately headed off to my room and went to bed, feeling that I’ve made great progress with Hiroshi-chan. I have never been so wrong.

I didn’t see that stupid message he left in my journal until Fuji came knocking on my door with his usual wake up call. He asked me if I was serious about wanting to marry Maiko-chan and I just stared at him blankly, thinking the guy must be sleep walking or something. He then took me over to my computer and showed me the entry in my journal. Needless to say I was on the phone calling Hiroshi-chan the second after I saw that. I lectured him about how I told him not to touch the computer and he in turn snapped at me and told me that I’d better stay away from Maiko-chan because she loved him and that she had told him so at that party he attended with me. He then had the nerve to ask if Maiko-chan replied with a yes.

What I want to know is how he figured out my password was badluck?!?

Anyway, I hope Maiko-chan didn't get excited when she read that and thought that it was I who actually had a thing for her. I know how she has this crush on me and all, so it's going to be hard for me to explain to her that it was actually the brat who left the message.

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[22 Aug 2002|09:45am]
[ mood | high ]



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chocolate chip cookies [21 Aug 2002|08:27am]
[ mood | hungry ]

Maiko-chan stopped by yesterday with her famous chocolate chip cookies and it wasn’t even Valentines day! So, of course I had to let her in and sweet talk her for a few minutes, before she threatened to shove the cookies down my throat, which I wasn’t completely against. It was nice, sitting there with Maiko-chan, squabbling with each other like we had done ever since I first met her. I guess you can say I’ve missed her, me and her have always had this connection.

But we sat there chatting for all of the 5 minutes before there came another knocking on my door. So I kindly excused myself, snatched a cookie from off the coffee table and made my way to the door. I was surprised yet again when I saw Kami standing there with an aloe-vera plant in hand. She was all smiling in that way that says “Hiro I want you to take me, right here and now”, so I was kinda taken off guard when she asked to see Maiko-chan. That shocked me, because I didn’t understand why my Kami would be giving gifts to Maiko-chan when she never even met her. Maybe she caught a glimpse of her in the hall and fell in love. But God forbid a hottie like Kami would choose a girl over me! That’s just as wrong and horrifying as Fuji wearing overalls. *shivers *

So I allowed Kami in and she goes over to Maiko-chan and says something on the lines of “my master says thank you for the plant, it was a wonderful gesture, but it clashes horribly with his apartment”. Maiko-chan looked more angry then she did hurt and she opened her mouth to say something but I was faster then her and I told Kami a message I wanted her to relay back to Fuji. She told me she couldn’t say that to him cause she could in no way say anything mean to her master. Somehow though the conversation led away from Fuji and ended up on that other night Fuji ran off with Yuuzi and didn’t return ‘till morning. No words can explain that night. I just hope Fuji leaves more often.

Ten minutes must have gone by before I realized that Maiko-chan had disappeared. But all I know is that ten minutes later, while Kami and I were enjoying the cookies, Fuji came barging into my apartment with a red splotch upon his cheek. He told me that I wasn’t allowed to see Kami and Misty anymore, retrieved his maid and left. He came back 2 minutes later for the plant. I wonder what happened to his cheek? It looked as if somebody slapped him really hard. It was probably just Cookie-san two floors down, she and Fuji don’t get along at all.

Anyway, I wonder what happened to Maiko-chan, it’s not like her to not say good-bye to me. I guess I’ll just wait ‘till I see her at work today to ask her what happened.

And Fuji must think he’s some type of comedian if he thinks he can keep Kami and Misty away from me.

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Maybe I don't understand him... [17 Aug 2002|10:01am]
[ mood | sad ]

It started out as a regular day. Woke up early again because of Fuji, who refuses to pay my rules any mind. Went to work, listened to Shuichi run his mouth, practiced our latest song, had lunch. All that was the regular part of my day. The irregular part was when my cell phone rang and upon answering it I found myself speaking to the principle of Silver Star Academy. Before I could get a word out the man started rambling on and on about how that was the last time he was going to allow that to happen and how he thought there was nothing else to do but kick Hiroshi-chan out of the school.

When he stopped to catch his breath I cut in and asked him why he was calling me and not his mother. He said because his mother was unavailable and that I had been put down in the files as one of Hiroshi-chan's guardians. Despite the fact that I had no idea why his mother who I have never met would do such a thing, despite the fact that I had absolutely no idea how she got my cell number, I agreed to meet with the principle and pick Hiroshi-chan up from school.

I left the studio without explaining anything to anybody. Just said that I wasn't feeling too good and had to hurry back home. That of course just made Fuji upset and he told me that it better be something serious or he would never allow me to see Kami or Misty ever again. I simply ignored him. All I could think about was little Hiroshi-chan and wonder what he could've possibly done to upset the principle so bad.

I had thought that I would have to go inside the school and speak with the principle and apologize a thousand times for Hiroshi-chan's actions. But upon my arrival I found little Hiroshi-chan sitting on one of the benches outside of the school. I was aghast to find his clothes in utter dishevel, his hair unkempt, face dirty, bloodied, and bruised. I stood there, trying my hardest not to let my shock show and for once I wondered not what he had done, but what had somebody done to him.

He wouldn't look at me, but I know he knew I stood there. For when I came walking up the path I saw his blue eyes following my every move, but once I stood before him his head dropped upon his chest, which heaved with great force. It took me a few minutes before I was able to find my voice and I surprised myself to hear it sound so calm and cool when every inch of my body was burning with rage.

"Why are you out here?" I asked. "Don't I need to speak with your principle?"

His head shook from side to side and he spoke so softly, so silently, that my ears had to strain to hear him say, "please, just take me home". My head throbbed with the pounding of a million questions. Questions I wanted answers to promptly. But I knew that I couldn't push him into answering anything, it would be wrong to make him talk if he didn't want to. So I nodded my head in agreement and made my way back to the car with him following behind me.

When we got in the car...Collapse )

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[15 Aug 2002|12:22pm]
[ mood | calm ]


To: Fujisaki Suguru, Badluck Keyboardist

From: Nakano Hiroshi, Badluck Guitarist

Date: 8/15/02

Re: What not to do when living right across the hall from Hiro.

1. You don’t go to his apartment at 6 in the morning, knock on his door, and holler at him to get up so he can be at work extra early to practice.
2. You don’t come to his house at night when he is playing his guitar and whine about how you can hear it when you know very well you can’t!
3. No, he does not want to watch the Teletubbies with you, so you can refrain from asking him in the future.
4. He can careless if your bedroom is bigger than his is. So stop bragging about it.
5. Midnight is not a great time to call him to remind him to go to work the next day.
6. Hiro does not find it funny that you gave his number to your grandma and told her it was your cell phone number. Hiro wants nothing to do with your crazy family squabbles!
7. What Kami and Misty do over at his place is none of your business.

If you like, you may discuss with Hiro on the above issues later tonight at his place. Be sure to bring Kami and Misty and cookie dough ice-cream. ^_^

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